Monday, September 26, 2011

Attorney R

"You must come to my office," he said.

"I can't," I said.

"If you don't come, your new car will be repossessed," he said.

"I can't afford to leave my students. Children mean the world to me."

"Get a sub!"

"No! Children need continuity."

"It's your judgment call."

"Could you please tell them to stop terrorizing me? I traded in my sports car and $2,000 cash for a Dodge Van two weeks ago. They want to repossess my new car. The bill isn't due until next month. It takes 45 days to pay it. I asked them to return my old car and $2,000, but they refused. They're threatening to repossess the new car. They don't want to return the old car and the $2,000. Could you please call them and remind them about the law? I can't afford to leave my students."

"Yes, of course."

In September 1994, Torrance Dodge began to harass me. Two weeks earlier, I had purchased a Dodge Caravan. I traded in my Pontiac Fiero and paid them $2000.00. My phone rang incessantly. Immediately, I called the law firm who handled my automobile accidents. I averaged seven a year. Many drivers whacked me from the back. Several were hit and run. In 1999, I gave up driving. They referred me to Attorney R. I had just started teaching Mathematics and Pre-Algebra at a middle school in Los Angeles. Hence, I couldn't afford to leave my students with a substitute teacher. However, Attorney R wanted me to come to his office in Beverly Hills. When I asked him if he could make Dodge go away, he agreed. It didn't happen. If anything, they started pounding on my door after midnight. Without delay, I drove from Torrance to Beverly Hills in my new car. His office  was situated between Camden Drive and Wilshire Boulevard in the heart of Beverly Hills. I hated missing work.

"I called Dodge. They won't harass you anymore. They've to right to threaten you. You have a contract. You fulfilled your obligations," Attorney R said.

"How much do I owe you?"

"Not a dime."


"Yes, really."

"Thank you."

"I've changed my mind."


"How about a hug?"

"A hug?"

"Just a hug," he said.

"Yes, of course, counsel," I said.

Then, he grabbed and squeezed me tightly for ten minutes. He wouldn't let go of my breasts.

It begs the question? Marriage Made in Heaven or Hell? Would our marriage have been made in heaven or hell? Heaven!  He has bailed me out several times. He stopped Dodge from repossessing my car. He did not charge me a dime. Following my son's abduction, I accused him of all sorts. He still bailed me out when I called him. Bad people had detained me for three days. When the jealous principal wrongfully terminated me, he sent her a letter. He pleaded my case. If truth be told, he has become my brother. Before I forget, he's the most romantic man in the whole wide world. 

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