Thursday, September 29, 2011

President & CEO Timothy P. Shriver, Ph.D

"You look just like your sister," I said.

"Who are you?" He asked

"Your sister's a journalist. My father's also a journalist."

"Who are you?"

"I'm a writer. I've written several books."

"Who are you?"

"Oh! Mr. President. How rude of me? I greatly apologize. I'm the Budget Officer and Acting Grants

Manager of your mother's company."


"Would you like to read my children's books? I wrote two books comprising 30 short stories for

children in English and French."

"Yes. Email is the best way to reach me. I speak French."

"Thanks, Mr. President."

In 2000, I shared an elevator with the president and CEO of a non-profit organization in Washington, DC. I was on cloud nine. Never in my imagination did I envision breathing the same air with him. For starters, I thought he was a figure head. I'm not certain why. Actually, I am. He's a celebrity. It's rare to run into them, let alone inside an elevator. Plus, he comes from a royal family. As a matter of fact, everyone in his family is a celebrity. It begs the question? Do we have royalty in America? The Roosevelts and the Bushes are royalty. If we're to examine it, fathers, nephews and sons became presidents.

The following day, I sent him an email. Did he respond? No! As I said, he's royalty. Before I forget, he was the President and CEO. We shared several common goals. We were the only ones who held two jobs simultaneously. I sent a second one. Not surprisingly, there wasn't an answer. Then, I remembered Attorney P. As it happens, both attended Yale. I sent a third email.

"Would you like to meet over lunch?"

"Let's have coffee at 8:00 AM." he wrote back.

"Yes, Mr. President."

I was right! They shared common goals. Attorney P was also the President and CEO of his law practice. He founded it. And so, we met in his office for five minutes. During this time, we discussed my children's books. Because he had a meeting, we decided we would reconvene. Then, jealous women fired me. According to the grapewine, they believed in their grand illusions that I was the next Monica Lewisky. Did we have sex?

It begs the question. Marriage Made in Heaven or Hell? If we had broached the subject of marriage, would it have been made in heaven or hell? Heaven!!! We only discussed children. I'm their advocate. I fought passionately for them in 24 federal courts. We didn't have sex. For the umpteenth time, I only entertain sexual relations with a man I'm married to, engaged to or discussing marriage with. Attorney P and  I often talked about poverty-stricken children. President & CEO T also confronted it. He said he would help me. However, jealous women brought personal vendettas to the workplace.

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