Monday, September 26, 2011

Designer C

" I like your hat, " Designer C said.
"Thanks," I said.
"I'm Designer C. What's yours?"
"Isn't C a woman's name?"
"No! It's a man's name."
"It sounds more like a K. Some people use C and K interchangeably."
"Would you like to come to my party? I opened my fashion house today."
"What are you serving?"
"Just drinks."
"How about hors d'oeuvres?"
"Just alcohol."
"I don't drink outside my home. Thanks for the invitation, but I'll pass."
"I like your dress."
"Thanks. I'm also a designer. As a matter of fact, I bought several yards of fabrics from your store. I used them to design an evening gown, a shawl, a short dress and a wedding gown."
"My store?"
"Why did you design a wedding gown? Are you getting married?"
"Come to my office! I would like you to model your designs for me."
"Please feel free to stop by anytime. I'm here in the mornings."
"I will. By the way, my name is AmandaU."

In 2009, I ran into a Los Angeles based designer in downtown Los Angeles. Two weeks earlier, I had purchased six yards of fabrics in blue and cream colors from his store. Next, I designed an evening gown, a shawl, a short dress and a wedding gown. It took me 2 weeks to design and sew them with my hands. I enjoy designing clothes, among other passions. During the time I lived in France, I observed haute couture and haute cuisine. On the same day, he invited me to model them. He allowed me to use his dressing room. I changed twice. Several times, the straps of my bra fell off. My slip was also in the same dilenma. And he took notice of every detail. I was embarassed, to say the least.

"I like the short dress and wedding gown. I like the way you tied the train around your shoulders and waist. They're more my style. They're sophisticated. The evening gown is too simple," he said.
"Thanks for the constructive criticism. I made the evening gown simple. She's on her honeymoon. She wears it for her husband when they're alone.  She wears the shawl in more ways than one. She wears it with her evening gown. The rest is up to her creativity skills. She wears the wedding gown during the wedding and the short dress for the reception."
"You shouldn't hide the straps or your slip. Let them show."
"Really? All rightee!"
"Where did you learn to design?"
"I once lived in Paris."

During the time I strutted my stuff, he glared at my legs several times. He also seemed to be interested in the straps of my bra and my slip. I changed twice.

"Were you alone with him in his office? If he's looking at your legs, it means he wants to have sex," another man said.
"Really? Many women wear short skirts all the time to work. Does it mean the men are interested in sex? If so, are women promoting sex in the workplace? This is my answer. It's OK to fantasize. And Yes, I was alone with him in his office. Nothing happened."
"Designer C is only interested in one thing. You should have had sex with him in his office."
"No! I practice abstinence. I only entertain sexual relations with a man I'm married to, engaged to or discussing marriage with."

Several months later, Designer C became a musician. He stopped designing. If truth be told, he was a contestant on American IDOL. As it happens, music is my oldest career. I started playing the drums and piano when I was 4 years old. To date, I've composed 32 songs. Incidentally, I was a contestant on America's Got Talent and X-Factor.

 It begs the question. Marriage Made in Heaven or Hell? Would our marriage have been made in heaven or hell? Hell!!! He refused to look me in the eye.

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