Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

"If you sleep with him, your memoir and your father's book would make millions," he said.
"Why should I sleep with the mayor? This is ludicrous," I said.
"I'm in a relationship with you."
"I don't mind you sleeping with other men. How about the President & CEO of Special Olympics?"
 "Did you sleep with him? I'm editing your memoir. As the editor, you should listen to me."
 "If you want to make money, you have to say you slept with him. He comes from a royal family."
 "Nothing happened! We met for five minutes to discuss my children's books"
  "We only talked about children. I'm an advocate for children."
 " I fought passionately for them in 24 federal courts for 9 trillion dollars. Children are priceless."
  "If we didn't talk about children, it would have been a different matter."

On my birthday, June 21, 2008, my former fiance L invited me to live with him. He had proposed marriage under false pretenses. Next, he began to plot. He promised to edit my memoir. He also came up with writing a historical novel based upon my father's life. My father was a celebrity in Africa. He was an astute ambassador, renowned journalist, and charming politician. What's more, he founded several newspapers.. L had a hidden agenda. During this time, he started pressuring me to sleep with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. When, I refused, he moved out of our downtown Los Angeles home for more than two years. He knew about my abstinence. I only entertain sexual relations with a man I'm married to, engaged to or discussing marriage with. I prefer courtship to dating. Anytime I dated, Instructor M and his partners in crime terrorized me and the men in my life. He's been obsessed with my breasts since the day we crossed paths in January 1987 at a college in New York City. He's worse than Adolf Hitler, Bernard Madoff, and Ted Kaczinski. He and his scores of accomplices masterminded Attorney P's death, my father's death, my son's kidnap, 50 wrongful terminations, 5000 refusals to hire, 5 grand larcenies and thefts, 100 food poisonings, 1 poison Ivy on clothes, 100 automobile accidents, account closures, ousted me out of MBA and JD programs, just to name a few. During the time I dated Attorney R, he incited students in my Math class to vandalize the car he helped me with, stage fights, set fires, smear the door with blood, throw rocks which shattered windows in my classroom into tiny fractions, repeat our telephone conversations and draw our private parts on walls.

Not surprisingly, one of my memoirs, Amanda U: 1985 and the Amazing Years did not garner income. I self-published it. I've since withdrawn it. I would like to publish it with a reputable publishing company in America or France. I have plans to move back to Paris. During his Sabattical leave, several residents informed me that the mayor had just divorced his wife. Sometimes, I watched TV downstairs with them. It was still a resounding no. Our relationship would have been based upon deception and false pretenses. As a matter of fact, I spent 2010 Thanksgiving with the mayor and more than 3,000 Los Angelesnos. He was serving meals. When I saw him, I dodged him like a bullet.

" Central library(CL) is freezing. As an economist, my advice is decrease air conditioning & use funds 2 keep CL open 7 days.Thx .AmandaUch," I said.

On September 25, 2010, I sent this tweet to Mayor V. He re-tweeted it on the same day, but he didn't decrease air conditioning.

It begs the question. Will our marriage be made in Heaven or Hell? I would rather take the fifth. Taking the fifth does not mean Hell. Simply, i've no idea. It begs another question. Do you think Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa knew about this plot?  I don't think so! The truth of the matter is I'm capable of finding the right man. No one should force me! Heaven! Opposites who share common goals attract more! He and I love law and politics! My father instilled them in me! I plan to resume law school in fall 2013. I've been fighting passionately for kids in court since 2003.

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