Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and Early Birthday, Ryan Seacrest

"Doing one deep fried turkey and one on the grill as back up," he said.

"My back just caught fire..needed a deeper drip pan!! Haha..stay tuned."

"Are you all right? Do you need a doctor?" I asked.

"I would love to help you."

"I cook 150 meals = 7 countries = 7 continents."

"I have a confession."

"I'm not good with laundry."

"Clothes disappear at an alarming rate."

'If they're not shrinking, they're changing colors."

"White becomes Black."

"Black turns into White."

 Stuffing going in on Twitpic

"C'est magnifique! You made it in one piece."

"Congrats! Delicious! Sumptious! Bon Appetit!"

"One turkey on the grill and one just lowered in the oil tank."

"Two Turkeys. Thanks for sending the link."

"Game on."

"Happy Thanksgiving! We did it." "

"Happy Thanksgiving and Early Birthday Ryan! I'm proud of you!"

"Bonne Nuit!"

On Thanksgiving, Ryan cooked for his family.  Fortunately, Thanksgiving fell on his early birthday, November 24, 2011. His birthday is on December 24, 2011. Yes, he was born on Christmas Eve. Happy Thanksgiving and Early Birthday, Ryan! It begs the question. Did he deliver? Yes! Yes! Yes! Heaven, I might add! A picture's worth more than a thousand words. He sent his fans four of them. Accordingly, his marriage with  preparing Thanksgiving Dinner's made in heaven. Delicious!!! Sumptious!!! I'm dying to taste it. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It begs another question. Will our marriage be made in heaven or hell? Heaven!!! We enjoy cooking, laughing, music, and writing, among other passions. Most importantly, we donate time and money to children's organizations. Yet again, I fought passionately for kids in 24 federal courts. Agreed, 24 is the  magic number. For these reasons, we deserve a gold medal. Perhaps, a Nobel Peace Prize.

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