Saturday, November 12, 2011

RJ and MJ

"Mom used to be a Princess and a Queen," said RJ "She was devastated when she lost her family." "Her parents, 1 aunt, and 7 uncles were all poisoned."  "They owned acres of lands."   "That's why, they were murdered."

  "She also lost her priceless belongings."

  "2 Laptops, 1 Baldwin Piano, 1 Yamaha Piano."
 , "3 Electrical Piano, Lands, Money, Hundreds of Shoes."  "Thousands of Clothes, 3 Fur Coats, 4 Leather Coats."  "200 Victoria's Secret."

   "And several Precious Jewelry worth millions."

   "To name a few. They were stolen."

   "Dad rescued her from poverty."

   "Most importantly, he brought back music into her life."

  "It sounds like the Sound of Music movie," MJ said.

  "It sounds more like the Shrek Forever After movie."

  "I thought you were talking about Mom and Dad."

  "I'm talking about Mom and Dad."

  "The Shrek movie starring Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz."

  "Antonio Banderas, Eddie Murphy."

  " And Ryan Seacrest."

  "The Sound of Music movie starring Christopher Plummer."

  "And Julie Andrews."

  "They're all Stars."


  "How did you find out?"

  "I read Mom's diary."

  "You weren't supposed to read it."

  "Dad left it in my room. He read it too."



  "Where's it?"


  "I want to read it."

  "All rightee."

  "Who is Forever 21? "Who's Batman?"

  "Mom and Dad."

It begs the question? Is our parents' marriage made in heaven or hell? Heaven!!! 99% of their lives is filled with laughter, composing music, doling out money and prizes to people and charitable organizations, producing shows, raising us (sons) and writing books. Mom spends 1% with her diary daily. She prefers not to argue or fight with Dad. Life's full of choices-RJ and MJ.

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