Thursday, October 6, 2011

President George W. Bush

"Mr. President, I'm sending you court documents via email. Female terrorists kidnapped my only child the day before my June 21, 2003 birthday and killed my beloved father on October 7, 2003. Following my losses, I started to take them to court on behalf of all children, my son and I. I asked defense attorneys to donate money to children's organizations in my name. Because they didn't believe in family values, their refusals were adamant. If anything, I should receive a Nobel Peace Prize for fighting passionately for children in 24 federal courts. What's more, I enhanced the economy. More than 200 defense attorneys, 100 federal judges, 100 magistrate judges and 100 deputy clerks were hired. Not to mention that some of the corporations I sued were headquartered outside the United States of America. You and I share common goals. In September 2001, male terrorists bombed the twin towers in NYC. More than 3,000 people died. Several people lost their loved ones," I said.

"Amanda, Laura and I are praying for you. We send you our best wishes and condolences," President George W. Bush said.

Because I'm the daughter of a reporter, my father instilled courage, honesty and integrity. When my enemies abducted my son, I litigated suits. I wasn't alone. I took children with me to court. Prior to filing suits, I telephoned several politicians in the Democratic Party. I asked them to rescue my child. However, my pleas fell on their deaf ears. Simply, they don't believe in family values. In June 2004, I started sending President George W. Bush my complaints via email. I wrote more than 300. I wasn't certain if he would ever read them. In December 2004, I received a letter from him. As a matter of fact, he sent me a letter every year until he left office in January 2009. I received the last one on January 20, 2009.

"Just keep telling the truth. It doesn't matter if some people don't believe you. If one person out of a million believes you, you've done a marvelous job. If you were to marry one million men, would you marry one man or a million men? He will be your greatest fan and supporter," Papa said.

On October 7, 2003, Papa died from anxiety in view of the fact that female terrorists abducted my son. He would be thrilled I found the one man out of a million. President George W. Bush was the magic ace. Papa was an astute diplomat, legendary journalist, and a renowned politiician. If truth be told, I was grooming my son to follow in his politcal footsteps. My son would have been an attorney had he not been savagely taken away.  October is full of surprises. Steve Jobs also passed in October (5th). I bought my first computer from Apple in 1993. It's the only computer I've ever owned. I now invest in laptops. I donated it and other valuable personal belongings to a children's organization in 1995. Almost every Sunday, I take pictures at the Apple stores in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York City. May their souls rest in heavenly peace! Both men were genuis.

It begs the question. Marriage Made in Heaven or Hell? Would our marriage have been made in heaven or hell? Heaven!!! He was the magic ace as well as the one man out of the one million I asked for help. I knocked on one million doors. Only one door opened. Thank you, President George W. Bush for hearing my voice!

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